A Spiritual Person


Image Courtesy : https://www.flickr.com/photos/carmelanava/4020982037/

If you are spiritual, you see the entire world as your own. Therefore, you can never fail in life, because if you have not succeeded, someone else has succeeded. You cannot lose a game when you are playing with a person whom you love as much as you, for his victory becomes your victory. Both of you win by playing the game as both of you have improved your game in the process of competing with each other.

That is why a spiritual person remains indifferent to success or failure as he sees his victory either way. If you are playing a game with your child and you lose, do you not feel happier? You do so because the victory of your child is more important for you than your own victory. If he has become better than you, you feel proud, not disappointed.

Imagine that you love everyone in the world in the same way as you love your child.

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