How to deal with difficult people ?

Hi Everyone,

I have been meaning to put it up for a long time but a hectic schedule keeps getting in the way! So here I am to talk about people who can really drives us nuts. And usually we all know that one person or meet that one person on a daily basis who is difficult to handle.

OK so its not just about other people who are difficult we also become difficult sometimes for someone to handle. But what to do in that case ? Can we avoid that person? OK NO! We don’t have that option . Can we ignore that person ? Oh No , we don’t have that option either. So What do we do in that case ? Well so I am here to discuss about those people who are actually difficult to handle .

OK , so lets start with knowing how many types of difficult people we have to deal with :

  1. So the first one is Downers or Complainers and they actually complain about anything and yes, everything. They come to talk to you and its like the energy just drops out of there .They actually leech out the energy right out of you.
  2. Second one is the Show-offs people. They are always trying to show off. You tell them something good and they have something better. You have something big they have something bigger.
  3. Third one is the Silent or Passive ones. They can be little in conversation so you ask them something and they’ll give you one word answer. They will not even ask you anything back. They are very silent, non-violent and non-aggressive. They just become quiet.
  4. Fourth type of ones are the Angry Bird ones or the Violent ones. They get angry and they get violent. They become bossy so they come in and they just want to control things around them . They become control freak and want things to just go as they want. NO other way that’s it !

So now what to do?

The worst thing to do or the biggest mistake we actually do is to try to change them or try to fix them. YOU CAN’T FIX THEM so you can only adjust according to them.

If you will try and tell the violent ones to calm down they will even freak out more. If you will tell the silent ones to speak up they will more go into their own zone and they will become more shy. Most people like to fix the passive ones. So basically if you will try to fix any difficult people they will become more uncomfortable.

OK So Now what to do?

All you can do is to try to understand them. So you need to change your mindset from trying to fix or change them TO trying to understand them where they are coming from and trying to understand the reason for that kind of behavior. So you need to talk to them about something they get excited about. Or something you know they love talking about. This not only will help them relax or calm them down but also they will be more open to you.

OK so now when we have understood that we cant fix them but only can understand them but don’t let them be toxic to you so make sure you have your boundaries set on time because downers can really bring you down, they just sucks the energy out of you. Toxic people can be aggressive, mean or hurtful so you need to create a buffer zone by surrounding yourself with good friends, seeing them less. But if you have to spend time with them only talk about their best days or topics they would like to talk about but do it for the minimum amount of time. So setting up limits either on time or topics so they don’t become toxic to you that makes it a lot more manageable.

Whats interesting is we tend to become like a person we spend most time with so you need to be very careful when you are with downers or complainers . Make sure you also don’t start complaining or when you are with violent ones make sure you also don’t become aggressive same with the passive ones and show off ones make sure you are not doing the same thing because that will make the situation even more worse because you both are getting into this really bad area. On the other hand if you will go into the understanding mode they actually will come out of their shell and will go into their best self. And as I said before, talk to them about the things that excite them that will make them feel relaxed and will make them more active.

I hope you had a great time reading this πŸ™‚ xoxo






Snapchat And Life – 1.12.2017

Hi Everyone,

Lets talk about Snapchat today. And how it has become a part of our life and how important role it plays nowadays in our lives. Many of us are addicted using Snapchat nowadays, including me offcourse πŸ˜‰







Even if we do not have to click a selfie still we open it to see which new filter is added each day because filters makes us look really cute πŸ˜‰ (yes this heart is really cute;) and it contributes to make this picture look really cute ;))







And also we keep checking other people stories just to see what they are doing in their life ;). In-fact you are even up-to date with people’s lives you dont even care about like you never even liked them in high school and yet because of snapchat you still know the exact thing they are doing .

And not just this there is one thing I personally dont like that we judge people from their stories, we really misinterpret the moments that we shot in snapchat. We get convinced after seeing the stories of the people that they are having the time of their life when in reality may be they are not. May be they are being forced to do what they are doing still if he/she just chooses to leave that out on his/her snapchat stories we would think otherwise and they will be judged.

And also your smartphone is glued to your side because you dont want to miss an excellent snapchat opportunity.

OK, so its not that I am anti-snapchat . I use snapchat as much as many of us. But still I remember someone asked me once what life it would be without snapchat and I simply replied ‘sorted’. But offcourse, it doesn’t mean that I am going to leave snapchat anytime soon πŸ˜‰

I love using snapchat and I know we all do. So its just my point of view that I shared. You can share yours too πŸ˜‰

Would be happy to know πŸ˜€ xoxo

And yes keep snapchatting πŸ˜‰

A Comfy Dress !

Hi guys,

Hows it going for all of you ? As for me I was really keeping busy and because of that I know its really been long since I wrote anything.

So here I am to talk about the stylish brand we all would want to know about and its BERRYLUSH. Talking to you about this amazing LABEL – BERRYLUSH, it was born in 2015.

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Take a look at the pictures and let me know how you found the entire look xx