Banana with a twist !

Sweet wintertime !

Banana’s are my favorite source of post workout carbs : they’re high in potassium, so they’re great if you need to balance a salty diet, they’re high on the calories among fruit but they’ve also got a good deal of fiber and extra resistant starch going on.

Banana is a fruit whether its winter time or summer we can grab it and I love it and many people who loves it doesn’t eat it thinking it increases weight. Well, no food can make you gain weight unless you are eating more calories than you burn everyday. Your overall diet and calories will ultimately make you fatter , thinner or more muscular. Check my earlier post on weight loss. Its great for making shakes especially when you are gaining or high on carbs.

We all need to satisfy our sweet tooth and whats better than this!

For all those who love eating banana can top it up with hershey strawberry syrup. Its amazing and those who doesn’t like eating banana would start loving it with hershey strawberry syrup.

Try it with a twist !

Ingredients :-

2 bananas medium sized weight 197 grams.   ( 175 calories )

Topping with 10 grams of hershey strawberry syrup. ( 27 calories )

Nutrition Information :-

Calories : 202 Calories