Can Money Buy Happiness ?

Much debated question

Can money buy happiness ?

As a child , not just as a child I would say till today we are being told that money can’t buy happiness

Really ? Ask yourself

Well, I don’t believe it can’t

I believe that money does buy happiness and specially when we live in such a materialistic world.

And those who deny this I don’t agree with them.

And many people also deny this fact that money can buy happiness because they think that people would judge them if they will yes and yes people do judge those people.

BUT thats also true that happiness which is bought from money is short-lived.

Just because today you have money and that is the only reason for your happiness then you will only be happy as long as you have the money to spend.

For example, a weekend getaway can only keep us happy for few days or a first class air ticket for few hours

Spending money is not wrong but only spend as much as you can. As much as you won’t regret after spending. As much as it doesn’t hurt you later.

So yes I do believe that money can buy happiness. But I also believe that happiness bought from money is temporary . But it does satisfy us temporarily.

Well what do you think? Your thoughts are welcomed 🙂

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