Don’t expect to get hurt

I am sure many of us must have watched the movie ‘Om shanti Om’ and must have heard the famous dialogue of that movie which goes like… “Kehte hai agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to puri kainaat usse tumhe milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai.”

which means…. It is a saying that if you desire something from the heart then the whole universe will work towards getting you that.

That is true. I believe in that.

But why I have written this “kisise kuch itni shidad se bhi mat chaho ki dene wala tumhe tadpa ke de” is because many times when we really want something from life we get that only after much struggle.

Though as I said I am a firm believer that when we ask for something we just need to believe we will get it and we get it.

But this is also true that in that waiting period, the period between we ask and when we get, we get hurt, we lose hope, we feel ditched , we feel like time is just not moving forward, we feel shattered and we feel what not. But these feelings does not tell you that you will not get. It just takes time and we need to have patience.

And this we have talked about life.

Now lets talk about what happens when we expect something from a person?

If a person is giving something to us then he or she shouldn’t feel that we can only get from them. They shouldn’t feel that we cannot get those services from anyone. From services I mean anything like professionally if anyone is helping us or emotionally if somebody is supporting us.

So my request to those who is asking or expecting something from someone that don’t expect so much from life or someone that you can get hurt if you don’t get it.

And that doesn’t mean that you should stop asking . To get something or to receive something you need to ask first. But just don’t lose your faith in between, just don’t stop hoping that you can’t get what you want. May be you can’t get that from a particular person you expected from. May be you can’t get at a particular time you expected at. But you will get it may be from a person you never expected and may be at a time when you never  expected.

And also my request to those who are giving something that rather than feeling proud about it feel happy about it that God has chosen you to be his medium to make another person happy by fulfilling their wishes.

So everyone out there who is reading this help those who need your help. 🙂

How to deal with people judging you and your work ?

So there are lot of people around us who no matter what we do for them would judge us anyway and criticises us.

So, just because somebody criticises you and tells you again and again that what you are doing is wrong doesn’t make that wrong until and unless you BELIEVE them, that what they are saying about you is right and what you are doing is wrong.




How to fulfill your heart’s desire ?

As soon as we take birth, we start dreaming.

We wish to walk without any support and we did it.

We grew up listening stories of legends and we started hoping to be like them.

We also met with the reality when we faced difficulties in the fulfillment for our desires.

But also we knew some people that despite of all the difficulties they have faced they have never stopped working towards the goal they have set for themselves.

And today we hope not to be like them but to be one of them.

We are never too old to dream a new dream or to set another goal.

So aim to fulfil it and not just dream about it.

So some of those who are looking at the stars and make a wish, it makes no difference who you are because anything you desire by pure heart will ultimately comes to you.