Book Review : The LAWS of the SPIRIT WORLD by Khorshed Bhavnagri


A book which I can guarantee is one which if u start , you would be unable to put down till u have reached the end and some might even be tempted to start again for better understanding of the information provided.

The Law Of The Spirit World is a book written by Khorshed Bhavnagri which talks about the spirit world and the way one should lead life while on earth. It describes life after death and resides on the aspects of good & evil in a basic way

This book will also help you understand that one should always be grateful for all the positive experiences as its a blessing and the negatives ones were not to be feared for they are the real teachers.

Questions like :

  • Why some people die young?
  • Karma
  • Real you
  • Why suicide is a sin?
  • How to face your problem bravely and with a smile?

etc are answered.

It is definitely a must read book

Happy Reading !!

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