Communication is not about talking… its about talking your heart in a language the other person understands. Its talking at the time when the person is open to listening to it. Its about being assertive and not aggressive.

Its about giving the other person space to listen and understand gently, not demanding understanding from them.

Communication is also about listening and accepting the respond of the other person to what you have put across. Without listening the process of communication is incomplete.

– Tamanna C



Ask your Angels

As you sleep through the night, ask your Angels to protect you and guide you to the answers you have about life or a particular problem. Invoke divine clarity and peaceful sleep as you wake up feeling fresh, calm and peaceful, remembering all the messages they have communicated with you while you were asleep.

How Important is it to express yourself?

As men we really have real problem showing our emotions.

We bottle things up to the point of no return then let it all come in anger or judgement, this is why we ruin the things around us, the people who loves us or whom we love, are generally affected by our mood swings.

Yet we don’t learn our lessons…

And you know sometimes this can go to the point of divorce as our partner or loved one cannot understand our anger issues and so the reason why there are so many divorce cases we are hearing.

But there is a solution…

If we can just allow ourselves to cry, or we can just express whatever we are feeling to our partner, we can release so much of anxiety and stress we are holding onto.

Some men see this as a weakness so they take their anger out on some other person and that some other person is sometimes who they don’t even know.

Either way a fight normally arises, someone gets hurt and for what?

All because we dint think it manly enough to release our tears and inner suffering.

So to all the men out there, think of this…

Take time to cry, weep like a baby, scream if you have to, but let it all out, release that pain, the pain some of us have held onto since childhood, maybe through abuse or bullying.

Release and feel better…

Change your life within this release

No one will think you less of a man and even if some people think then you shouldn’t care about them because its your close relationships with people that matter and the people with whom who are close with always would want to see your emotions and would always want to know about your feelings, so hiding feelings with them is just not a good idea and otherwise, most people will see it as a great strength.

Just find about this beautiful tool that nature has given us to let go

Take time to cry

Your partner WILL support you. Because you are letting go. Release your tears and FREE YOUR LIFE!!