Day 2 of transformation from skinny to strong !

Protein Shake & banana







Hi Guys,

My 2nd Day of transformation went good. Though short of 100 calories from day one but will keep up to it tomorrow.

Training : 30 Hour Cardio on trademill to improve my cardiovascular strength along with bulking.

Trying to motivate myself to keep going.

Supplements : The only supplement I am having right now is Whey protein from muscletech. The mixability and taste is good.

If you have any recommendation for whey protein, let me know.



Day 1 of transformation from skinny to strong !

Platinum whey Muscletech

My transformation from skinny to strong started yesterday.

Diet :

It wasn’t that hard being the first day to complete my macros which i mention in my last post. So i had 5 balanced meals and hit my macronutrients eaisly.

Workout :

Started with light compound movements with barbell which includes 2 sets of each exercise.

Warm up

1. Squats – 2x 10 reps

2. Bench press – 2x 10 reps

3. Bent row with barbell – 2x 10 reps

4. Overhead military press – 2x 10 reps

5. Deadlift – 2x 10 reps

Cool down

As my legs are weak, i feel the pain today due to squats.

Overall, 1st day went well and boosted my confidence to workout more and get strong in upcoming weeks.

If you have questions, please ask in the comment section below.

Transformation Begins !!

My New Year’s Resolution is to be fit in 2017. So I will be posting my journey along with my diet schedule and my daily activities from today. In my first post in health and fitness, I covered most basics tips on losing weight but as i am already below weight according to my height, my goal is to gain weight.

Gaining weight doesn’t mean you have to eat everything you get, I will be gaining weight with eating a small calorie surplus with weight training exercises and some cardio to improve my cardiovascular health as well. This Journey will include all of those tips in an improvised manner to motivate everyone to be fit as well. If you want to be a part of my journey whether you are planning to lose or gain weight/muscle, you are most welcome. Hope to learn and help others.

If you are new to muscle building, this post might be confusing for you. So I will try to cover everything to get started.

1. SET A GOAL ( whether you want to gain or lose weight/muscle )
2. Stick to it and be patient enough. ( Good things take time )
3. Setup your diet according to your goal and schedule.
4. Start with a good training regime and not some fitness exercises you read in a magazine.
5. Have a good trainer or somebody who is educated enough about fitness exercises and diet to help you achieve your goal.

I will be covering all of the above tips in my upcoming posts.

MY GOAL : Gain Muscle
So I will be doing a bulking phase, then probably cut.

Current Weight : 48 Kgs ( 105 Lbs )
Goal Weight: Gaining 0.5 pound a week ( trying to be patient enough ) until i feel satisfied for cut

Training Schedule :
Weight Training 3 days a week ( Mostly compound lifts ).
Cardio in the morning on off days/post workout.

Diet :
Diet is one of the most important factor whether you want to gain or lose weight/muscle. No matter how much you train or workout, the end result will depend upon your diet. I have setup my diet below according to my goal:

Eating around 2000 Calories every day for first two-three weeks to see if i gain/lose, then will adjust my calories accordingly.
Macros : 90 Grams of protein, 50 g of fat, 300 g of carbs.

For any query or questions, feel free to ask/comment below.