Causes of Hatred


Hatred always has a reason to exist while love may have no reason.

For example, we may hate a person because he cheats us, ignores us, befriends our enemies, belongs to a hostile country, follows a religion or profession we dislike or acts contrary to our line of thinking. Every type of hatred has a reason and no reason is true. We hate people due to our prejudgement and ignorance, as we are often unwilling to listen to the justification offered by such people.

A burglar was trying to steal from a safe by opening the lock. Just then he saw a sticker on the safe proclaiming: ‘The safe is open. Just move this knob.’

The thief accordingly moved the knob, but it set off a loud alarm. Immediately, the police arrived and arrested the burglar. As he was being taken away, he said weeping, ‘I have now lost all faith in humanity.’

Such is the nature of man. When he commits a wrong act, he has no worry. But when he is wronged, he complains against all humanity.

Hatred is like smoke covering our soul, it prevents us from seeing other souls correctly. Hatred is inhuman because it disconnects us from other souls, and stops us from sharing their pain and misery.

We may seek the destruction of the person we hate even if it means our own destruction. It is due to hatred that so many people willingly commit suicide attacks to kill innocent people.

The good news is that hatred, however deep it is, is never attached to our soul. It is only an external covering like the cloth that cover the body, which can always be removed once the person realises its uselessness.

Once the dirt of the soul is removed, the soul again starts shining like the bright sun.

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