Easiest way to lose weight ?

Eating Healthy Doesn’t mean you will lose weight.

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Are you tired of eating healthy food and exercising to lose weight? Tired of following excessive scam diets that doesn’t help you.
First of all, there is no shortcut to this. Losing weight involves dedication, patience and some knowledge. If you are not patient and dedicated enough, don’t read this further and just close this window. If you are serious about this, this post might change your life for real. As this is my first post regarding health & fitness, I would like to explain about this as simple as possible.

Losing weight is just about Calories in Vs Calories Out.
Didn’t Understand?

Now What I meant by Calories is the amount of food. Just like we measure weight in kilograms or pounds. Same with Calories.

If the amount of calories (food) we take is less than the amount of calories (food) we burn, then you will definitely lose weight no matter where the calories come from. It could be pizza or a healthy fruit snack. You might get shocked if you are not familiar about this but this is true. Its no rocket science. This is what it is.

To Lose Weight :
Calories in ( calories via food we intake ) < Calories Out ( Calories we burn)

Keeping track of your calories could be the best decision of your life if you are serious about your weight issue.
For this, you will have to measure the amount of food you intake. It seem tough at first but its worth it. Trust me for once, It is. Not so tough in 21st century having so many apps about everything. For this, You would need

  1. Food Measuring Scale – Amazon Store
  2. Knowledge about Food Macros. ( Please read the post carefully )
  3. Myfitnesspal app
  4. Weight Measuring Scale * Don’t go with cheaper version *- Amazon Store

How to go about this further?
Normal person burns around 2000 calories ( approx. ) while sleeping, at job, housewife *this doesn’t include extra exercise or any intense workout* Please note that it could be more or less depending from person to person  and their physical activities.
If you are eating less than 2000 calories and not losing weight in two weeks, then you must be eating more than you think. You just can’t eyeball food. This comes from my personal experience. Just keep a track of your calories with myfitnessapp like i suggested. Also It doesn’t need to be 500 or 1000 calories a day. It is not healthy at all. Your body needs calories to function properly. I won’t recommend going less than 1500 calories. For any query or confusion, Just comment below or write to me at mishika@magicalvibe.com . I would love to help anyone regarding this personally.

This is the shortest I could write to explain the most basic tip to lose weight, though it involves a lot of things.

Let me know if you have any questions.