Enjoy being YOU


  • We often are our worst critics. We make ourself believe that we have done something bad or horrible thats why we go through problems.
  • Now thats a myth.
  • No matter how good or bad you are, you have the power to love yourself.
  • The universe is not angry with you. Everyday remind yourself you have the power to choose self respect.
  • Set your intentions everyday, do one thing that makes you feel liberated.
  • Ask your heart “How are you and how do you feel?” You’ll be surprised to hear your heart talk back. Pay attention.
  • Following your heart won’t make you a bad person, neither will saying NO, when something or someone doesn’t make you feel light.
  • Self love doesn’t mean self obsession. It just means honouring the voice of your soul and not letting anyone or anything take your power away from you.
  • Enjoy being YOU. Not everyone gets the privilege to be who you are.

– Tamanna C