Feeling lonely



Photo Courtesy : i feel lonely

Spending time alone is a gift.

– Tamanna C

I am going to be discussing that why is it important to spend time alone with yourself? People are not at all happy about this idea of spending time alone. Even if I tell them that I am spending alone time with myself over a cup of coffee, or a quite meal or a movie or shopping they find it strange.

And that is because from our childhood we have been taught to be in company of the people and society. So thats why we can’t stand the idea of being left alone or doing things alone. We have been matured to work together in groups which is absolutely normal and natural but that is what we are doing every single day and not taking a break from people to spend some time alone.

We are constantly surrounded by people and overburdened with responsibilities of other people in some way or the other. There is always some energies being exchanged with people. This is what our life has become, day-after-day constantly giving or receiving energy.

When we are alone the energy transmission comes to a standstill. Not that it completely stops but its not as active & intense as it would have been otherwise.

Initially spending time alone may feel strange & awkward but over a period of time your energy starts to neutralise & balance. You will definitely know when this is happening because then you will start to become comfortable in your own being. Before this you were simply not comfortable because you were just all over the place.

I am not saying when you are alone you will not be mentally and emotionally all over the place but it will eventually come to rest with a lot of practice. But atleast in the beginning the physical disconnect from the daily transmission of energy will take place that will help you relax.

This is one of the reasons why in todays day and age we are constantly tired either emotionally, mentally or physically even without doing much of physical running all around. When you spend time alone you start to disconnect from noises in your head and prioritise your life.

You realise all the things you could have done for yourself and all the things you want to do for yourself. You also become more and more aware to your own power and inner voice and be more attuned with your desires and goals and often even find answers to your problem that you are stuck in.

When you value your alone time people around you will began to value your time with them. Its important to understand the value of time and be in gratitude for the time that you get for yourself and even if you don’t get time for yourself it is your duty to take time out for yourself because in the end you truly deserve it.