Photo Courtesy : Hope

Hope is not about holding on; it is about letting go. This may sound strange for you because normally people say or tell us is to ‘hold on to hope’. I am not saying holding on to hope is wrong, but do not hold on to the outcome. Hope doesn’t mean that what we have expected only that should happen, that is, it doesn’t mean about having fixed expectations. It is about going through the process in a zestful and enthusiastic manner. In a sense hope means that a person lives positively day by day without thinking anything negative, and also has a faith in the future.

To “keep hope alive” is to go through the process of any situation positively, no matter what happens, always look in to that situation in the best way you can, and know that God will do what is best for you. That way, you are not attached to the outcome, but you have understood the importance of the process. The ego only knows how to cling on to the outcome; surrender, on the other hand, is a natural function of the subconscious mind.