One thing  I would like to clarify is with regards to horoscopes. When you read your weekly or daily predictions in the newspapers, it will have an effect on your mind. Your thoughts are very powerful and are affected by what you read, thus ensuring the flow of events as per the horoscope. So you may say the horoscope was right.

This is nothing but brainwashing for weak-minded people. If you want to make something happen, your positive thoughts will definitely help in most cases. Your subconscious mind will know that the horoscope is wrong but your physical mind may think it is right. Your subconscious mind knows the truth. If the horoscope is wrong, your subconscious mind may not cooperate with you, so do not be disappointed. Think of everything that happens as God’s wish, and thank God Almighty for properly guiding you. Use your own free will, so do not be fooled by astrologers and predictions. It all depends on you and your choices.