How not to live in a hurry?


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Hi guys

I am going to be talking about a subject of how to not live in a hurry and why is it important to not live in a hurry?

In today’s century where everyone is so much in a hurry and even have no time for themselves. Eknath Easwaran, the author of Take Your Time has correctly said, ‘Living without hurry is a skill that everyone can learn.’ And that means it can be learned.

And I learned it when I had to go to school for teaching in the morning and in the evening I used to again teach students who used to come after their school for studying and also with that I used to do dozen of other activities like swimming, reading, watching television, listening to music which I used to enjoy.

At that point when I was in my early twenties, I was so busy doing all this everyday. I had a job that I loved and my job was to teach Maths. I used to teach students of class 4th to 8th. I used to love teaching Maths. It was such an exciting time for me and everything seemed to be falling into my hands.

Yet for some reason i used to feel it wasn’t enough. I was so busy, yet there was an emptiness in my heart that no success could fill. Something important was slipping through my fingers. May be, I was looking for the meaning of my life or may be, a sense of purpose or a reason for living. But definitely I was looking for peace of my mind. I recalled a line from Thoreau: “It’s not enough to be busy. The question is, what are you busy about?” A perfect question. What did I want? I had been too busy even to ask.

So, always have time to stop to discover what is that thing you have always longed for before you let this moment go.


So I decided it was time for me to step back, take a long view of my life, and reevaluate my priorities. What did I really want? What was life for?

I knew several people I admired for their achievements; I knew others who were quite well off. I talked to them aswell, but even they couldn’t help me.

Being a teacher, one day I went to the library and one-by-one looked for the books that seemed relevant. I started looking for books about psychology, philosophy, happiness, spirituality, religion. I studied biographies of scientists and other leaders who seemed to have found meaning and purpose for their lives but none of it showed me the way of how to live my own life.

After a while of this, I realised that I might be looking in the wrong places to find my purpose of life.

I had always believed that people who had found fulfilment must be educated and successful.

But now I have realised that happiness and felling contented and satisfied had nothing to do with possessions, position, wealth, social status or anything else outside.

So before its too late for everyone out there who is reading this and are always in hurry feeling the same thing that once I felt, just stop where you are , take time for yourself to think and ask yourself the same question what I asked myself few years back that what in life do you really want so that you could no longer feel that emptiness in your heart and that is the reason why its so important to be not in a hurry.