How to be a good person?


Image Courtesy: am i a good person

All of us are born with goodness in our hearts. It is impossible to discover an evil in a child. A child cries even when a toy is broken as the child feels connected with everyone and everything.

We do not have to learn goodness as it is always present in us. We have to only rediscover it within us as we have forgotten our goodness, covered as it is by the dirt of our evil actions. We have become evil only due to the ignorance of our true selves and our desire to fulfill our passions without showing any concern towards other human beings because when we are in a competition we forget about other people and all the time we think about ourselves and get in a race to come first from them and defeat them. We all have friends and loved ones for whom we are concerned. We do everything to take care of them and fulfil their needs. They are the people who are usually more aware of our goodness as we show our good side to them in order to get their love and affection.

Therefore, if you wish to know your goodness, you must know it from your friends, your true friends would always tell you about your good qualities infact they know your positive qualities much better. It is foolish to go to your enemy, opponents or competitors to know your goodness as they may see your evils only.

You must know how your friends perceive you. Do they really trust you? Are they willing to do anything just because you have said so? Have you always been nice to them or you have treated badly at times?