How to be happy ?

Good Evening,

Early when I was teaching, one of the teachers asked, “People who are educated, cultured, do they also believe in hell or heaven?

I replied, “I have seen people in hell , and I have seen just one or two people in heaven.”

Just look back upon your own life – remember the times when you were so angry, when your mind was disturbed, when you just couldn’t sleep at night – those were the times when you have been a visitor to hell.

But in those special moments of self-forgetfulness that come to all of us, when we forget our petty , personal desires and let go of things or people who hurt us which happens very rarely we pay a small visit to heaven right here on earth.

When we see people who are blessed with good fortune and doesn’t feel sad or jealous which nowadays mostly people feel and rather feel happy for them we live in heaven because we are feeling happy and while we see people who are suffering under the burden of poverty or injustice we must be able to help relieve their suffering by showing them how to stand on their own feet and resist injustice nonviolently. Heaven and hell are just two states of mind.

And why is people suffering because people make demands on life that life  cannot fulfill.

When you look around you will hardly find a men and women who forget themselves while helping others. These are the people who live in heaven. All their attention is on others, so they don’t have attention left over for obsessing on what they want. They are occupied only in giving and loving others.

To live in heaven always that is to stay happy always, we have to slow down the mind. Because negative thoughts are fast to come and positive thoughts are slow. When the mind is going too fast, it naturally begins to affect the body, because body and mind are not separate, they work together.