How to have a loving relationship?


Photo Credit : Success

Nowadays, all we look for is professional and financial success and we are also ready to invest all our time and effort to be professionally successful.

BUT why are we taking our relationships for granted? Why are we expecting happiness to come naturally in a relationship just because we are in love?

It is natural for two people who are in love to have differences. Why do two people who are married and who are in love expect their life together to be smooth sailing?

When disagreement, conflicts or arguments occur in a relationship that is a time to stick together rather than moving away from each other.

That is the time you need to be patient and show love and kindness for each other. This word kindness is very simple but we seem to have forgotten what it means.

If you are kind it shows you a direction of love. To be kind is very easy under certain circumstances – at the right time, with the right people.

But when we find ourselves to be unkind, we simply stay away. We leave a person, change jobs, leave home.

But in life, if you are leaving a person who loves you just for a minor conflicts or disagreements OR if you are leaving a job just because your manager has scolded you to teach you something then that is not the right decision to take. Infact that is the time when you need to understand them and not move away.

In most disagreements, it is really not inner differences that divide people.  It is often self-will, lack of respect, putting ourselves first instead of the other person. Sometimes all that is required is listening with respect and attention to the other person’s point of view.

Instead the minute somebody says us something, we don’t like, we start arguing. 

To stop this quarrel, simply listen calmly with complete attention, even if you don’t like what the other person is saying.


For a while his/her temper might rise because you are not responding. His temper will go higher, her language will become more heated. But often enough, the ending will be a surprise.

The other person will begin to quite down. His voice will become gentler, her language kinder – all because you have not taken revenge or lost your respect

Whatever happens, you will walk away feeling better about yourself because you have stayed kind, kept your cool, not let anger push you around. The taste of freedom that brings is worth any amount of practice.