How to lose 2 lbs per week

Losing 2 lbs per week is not difficult if you know this formula. Losing 2 lbs per week is considered to be healthy while maintaining your muscle mass ( it involves a lot of other things too ). If you are obese and way too overweight, you can lose more after knowing this formula.The most important aspect is to have knowledge about calories.


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What are calories?

Calories are the little bastards that enters into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter. So if you want to lose or maintain your weight, you have to consume food within your calorie limits.

In my first post from how to lose weight, losing weight is no rocket science. It is simple. You need to create a calorie deficit everyday. It is the #1 requirement to lose weight. What i mean by calorie deficit is the amount of calories you burn each day should be more than calories you consume each day.

So, How many calories does your body need everyday? There are a lot of online calculators that can get you started in a minute.

My favourite is : Calculate calories to lose weight

For example : If your daily calorie requirement which your body needs to function properly is 2500 calories ( calorie burning from your daily activities and exercise ), you need to consume 1500 calories from food to create a 1000 calorie deficit each day. That will be a 1000 calorie deficit each day in this case.

7 days ( a week ) deficit would be 7000 calories.

1 pound equals 3500 calories.

So if you want to lose 2 pounds per week, you need to create 7000 calories deficit per week or 1000 calorie deficit each day.

Now, here comes the hard part.

How to measure calories in foods.

Try Myfitness app ( One of the most widely used app to calculate your calories in food )

A lot of people think that they are eating less calories and eating healthy but not losing weight. Eating healthy can make you gain weight too. You just have to make sure you are eating less calories than you burn.

Notes :

  • I Would not recommend eating less than 1500 calories for men and 1400 calories for women each day as your body need nutrients to function properly. It may harm you in the long run.
  • The Ideal rate for weight loss per week should not be more than 2 lbs per week unless you are way too overweight or obese.

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