Why our MODERN RELATIONSHIPS falling apart?


Photo Courtesy : Deepika Ranveer

Nowadays so many divorce cases have increased. And we hear about break ups happening all the time, and are quite frankly a part of life. Relationships are meant to be appreciated but why nowadays its so hard to keep from failing? Why do so many people experience failed relationship after failed relationship? What is making the relationships come and go with the wind?

Break ups are happening everywhere and all the time and, we often give the reasons for breakup like financial problems, personality differences, or boredom. But I think these reasons are valid but are superficial to some much deeper problems that lie at the root of all failed relationships. Both the parties run away from the actual reasons and fails to pinpoint what went wrong.

So here I am going to pinpoint some of the reasons why so many relationships end up failing. Hopefully this helps improve the quality of your relationship!


I believe communicating with your partner is most important to maintain a healthy relationship. When you let things bottle up in a relationship it will get stored within you. You must discuss even the smallest of things with your partner. At first, you may think its better to not communicate to avoid fight rather to discuss and have a fight but overtime it starts piling up and building up.

And after a few years if you both will not communicate properly, you end up getting “sick” of the person and no longer want to even hear from them.  When you break up from them, you feel totally relieved because you have now released yourself from the burden of carrying around all of those unexpressed thoughts and emotions.

All you had to do was communicate to them exactly how you feel when you felt it, and there would not come time when you had to do break up.


We often think, “if only he/she were this way, everything would be fine.” When we think this way, we are imposing an impossible ideal on our partners and we are avoiding the issue of the person who casts blame.

Always remember, your partner is not thinking just like you. They have their own thoughts, insecurities, dreams, and fears… just like you. Do not be so quick to give up on responsibility.

When you start to blame mentally or verbally, ask yourself if you are avoiding responsibility. Ask yourself if you are being unreasonable. Be honest. Playing blame games doesn’t solve anything and it leads to frustration without solving the issue rather its better to listen to your partner and understand them.


This happens when both the parties always think they are right. When any of the two person starts to think that “My way or the highway” it never really works in a relationship nor it has really worked ever.

If you believe you are always right, then you never allow someone else’s opinion or perspective to enter your mind. Before even examining it you label it as illogical.

When we learn to listen and speak thats when we develop a real understanding of the needs of our partner. And thats when we compromise for the benefit of our relationship. We learn to live with or without some things for the sake of our relationship, and our partners learn to do the same. In turn, both people feel loved and valued.