Lessons Learned – Waqt : The Race Against Time (2005)

Hello Everyone,

Last night, I was watching this movie , Waqt : The Race against time. Not that I was watching this movie for the first time, but I liked this movie so much that I was watching it again.

There are few lessons that we all can learn after watching this movie.

So for all of you who still haven’t watched this movie, can watch this movie and those who have seen it can watch it again because it is a really nice movie to watch, all the actors performance is great and also we can learn few things.

Lessons learned are :

  • Waqt is the story of a father and a son between whom there is a special bond. Unlike many other father-son relationships these two are more like friends. A son called Aditya does not have any interest in taking responsibility or he does not even know what he wants to do in life.

SO, Love your child but don’t spoil your child too much by pampering and fulfilling all wishes.

  • The son who is Akshay Kumar elopes with his girlfriend who is Priyanka Chopra and they get married and got her pregnant without realising his responsibilities towards his wife and child.

SO, Be aware of your responsibilities as a man, once you decide to set up your own family don’t expect your parents to look after you. Show your wife that you can take your life in your own hands and that you can take care of our family by yourself by working hard.

  • Just to make Aditya who is Akshay Kumar realise his responsibilities both the father and the mother decided to chuck Aditya out of their house with his wife. So Aditya asked his wife to go back to her parents house so that she doesn’t have to face all the difficulties but she decided to stay back with Aditya.

SO, No matter what the situation turns out to be, HUSBAND & WIFE must not give up on each other. Its also written in the bible what God has joined together, let no one separate. No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.

  • After the initial problems, Aditya succeeds in becoming a responsible man and takes it upon himself to take care of his wife & his unborn kid. Aditya starts turning into an independent man.

SO, A husband must stand up for his wife and protect her from the attacks that comes from the people close to you. Let your family and friends know that when it comes to your wife and marriage you are ready to take the responsibility and do anything.