Love Yourself And Heal Your Life


  • The only person who can truly love you is YOU.
  • You are an extension of God and you are made from the Creators Love.
  • Most of us do great harm to ourselves by thinking of ourselves as less than God essence. We are divine God sparks.
  • We are God manifest in reality…… Learn to fall in love with yourself!
  • You are a magnificent beautiful divine being no matter what you have done in your life. The true you, eternal spirit, remains in a state of perfection.
  • Do not judge yourself or anyone else for things that have occurred in the past.
  • Today is a new day and today you can make new choices. Make the choice to be loving to yourself and others even when the world tells you to be critical and harsh.
  • Love yourself right where you are right now in this very moment.
  • Allow everything that needs to be revealed to you, be revealed.
  • Allow everything that needs to be released, be released.
  • Allow all feelings that need to surface, to surface.
  • Allow lessons that need to be learned, be learned.
  • Everything that we have ever experienced as a human being is ripe for resolution and all we have to do is accept ourselves right now and surrender to the process of healing and awakening.
  • Sometimes we expand our consciousness through traumatic events and seemingly harsh circumstances. However, from a higher perspective there is great growth and beauty in these moments.
  • We are like butterflies, emerging from our cocoons seeking out something new, something not so limiting, something extraordinary that propels us into greater expansion. Love yourself for embarking on this journey!