Perfect Parenting

Hi guys

And in todays blog I am going to be talking about a subject which is very dear to me. I want to focus on spiritual parenting.

Now while I may not be a parent yet I do have a very strong perspective about what it takes to be a perfect parent.

Now the best thing a parent could do for a child is to understand that the child while being very small and dependent at first is really a powerful creator who has come into reality with great eagerness, purpose and ability.

The best thing a parent could do for their child is to watch for evidence of brilliance. Taking note only of the positive aspects of the child.

The thing that cause the most discomfort for both the parent & and the child is a parents misunderstanding of the internal intelligenceĀ & purpose of the child. And the reason why the parents misunderstand that in his child is because he misunderstands that in himself. In other words if a parent sees a world filled with threatening, dangerous & unpleasant things & feels overprotective & guarded in the face of those things then a parent is out of alignment with his true understanding & power & under those conditions he guides his child into the same guardedness.

The reason why so many people blame their parents for their failure or unhappiness is because they were trained by their parents to look for them for guidance & support.

When a parent interferes by convincing you that what you feel is unimportant, that what your emotions are telling you should be disregarded & that what really matters is that you comply with the opinion & the rules that are being set forth by your parents, it is no wonder that an inner rebellion occurs & that inner rebellion will continue until the moment you deliberately & consciously come into alignment with who you really are.

The best thing a parent can do for their child is to not control over their child’s behaviour & thoughts.

The least we can do as a parent apart from giving them the best of what we think is right or wrong is that we can honour their being.

– Tamanna C