Be Respectful always.

Never think the other person will be helpless without your help.

God is there to help those who need help.

You are just a human being. If you become famous and you allow pride to set in, then pride will one day make you fall. So never be proud of anything. If pride fills your mind you cannot think straight, you will make many mistakes and fall spiritually. If your head is in the air, it will be filled with nothing but air. You will have no knowledge.

You can be sure that no-one is helpless without you. Only you will be helpless without God Almighty.

Whoever thinks someone will be helpless without him is the greatest fool. If God gave you something to be proud of, be humble nonetheless; otherwise, you will definitely fall. Nothing happens before its time – so just wait and relax – your tension won’t help it happen before its time. Rather, it will harm you. So do relax and pray. God is great.

On Earth, you have to live with bad and evil souls and keep your own soul pure, strong and good. It is a very difficult task, but God stays with good souls and looks after them if they want his protection. Show concern and affection for others and have the sincere desire to always stay good, in spite of suffering on Earth.