Talking To Your Inner Child


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Many of us have a wounded child within us. We have been deeply wounded as children, making it hard for us to trust and love, and to allow love from others to reach us. Making time to go back to this wounded child is a very important practice. But there can be an obstacle. Many of us know that we have a wounded child within us, but we are afraid to go back to ourselves and be that child. The block of pain and sorrow in us is so huge and overwhelming that we run away from it. But we need to go home and take care of our wounded child, even though this is difficult. We need instructions on how to do this so that the pain inside does not overwhelm us.


The practices of mindful walking, mindful sitting, and mindful breathing are crucial.

When you sit or walk mindfully, talk to your wounded child within, embrace the child with the energy of mindfulness. You can say: “Darling, I am here of you. I will Take good care of you. I know that you suffer so much. I have been so busy and neglectful to you, and now I have learned a way to come back to you.”

You have to talk to your child several times a day. Only then can healing takes place. The little child has been left alone for so long. That is why you have to begin the practice right away. Embracing your child tenderly, you reassure him that you will never let him down again or leave him unattended.

Your wounded child may represent several generations. Maybe your parents and grandparents had the same problem, they also had a wounded child within that they dint know how to handle, so they transmitted their wounded child to you.

Our practice is to end this vicious cycle. If you heal your wounded child, you will liberate the person who abused you. That person may also have been the victim of abuse.

If you generate the energy of mindfulness, understanding and compassion for your wounded child, you will suffer much less. People suffer because they have not been touched by compassion and understanding. When you generate mindfulness, compassion and understanding become possible. Then you can allow people to love you. Before, you were suspicious of everything and everyone. Compassion helps you relate to others and restore communication.

– Thich Nhat Hanh