Why do we lose something we love ?

Love and Loss

They are so closely connected.

And many of us experience what we love we lose and what we do not have we love to own that, in fact, we crave for that.

And even if we get what we love we lose it after certain time

The question is why does it happen ?

Why do we lose it ?

Why is love and loss so closely connected ?

Why is that we cannot experience one without the other ?


One of the greatest destroyers of love and blessings is not to be in gratitude .

It is to take for granted all that we have and to assume that it can never be lost.

We work so hard to achieve something and when we achieve that we forget all the hard work we had once put in or we forget that how desperately we once wanted that particular thing so we start taking those things for granted and then we lose it.

So, to fully experience the beauty of love and gifts we must appreciate and be in gratitude for the little little things that we have and we must never take anything for granted.